AC Maintenance - Preventative Steps To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

In HVAC circles, one of the most powerful words is “efficiency.” It’s understood that if a central air conditioner is running efficiently, it’s helping everybody. The homeowner spends less money on annual energy bills and less money on AC maintenance.


The Spring Hill AC company keeps their customers happy, and maintains their service agreements and the integrity of their reputation. The manufacturers remain proud of their sturdily built air conditioning systems.


Everyone is happy.


The key to efficiency, of course, is maintenance. Regular upkeep on the system is the proverbial ounce of prevention, and it is worth that pound of cure. There are behavioral changes and regular, simple tasks that can be undertaken by the homeowner, without the help of an AC company professional, in order to keep the system working at peak efficiency.



Run a quiet ceiling fan. It takes very little electricity, and it tricks your body into thinking the room is a few degrees cooler. This lets you run your actual air conditioner at a slightly higher temperature, which shaves more than a few percentage points off of your bills and keeps the system from working hard. It will spend less time actively running, and you’ll save money while remaining perfectly comfortable. You can also shut blinds to minimize sunshine, which can make the AC work a little harder.


Keep your air filters squeaky clean. These guys are your very best friends. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about them because you don’t have to look at them very often. Keep spares somewhere handy, and change them (or clean them, if they’re reusable) at least every other month. If you’ve got hairy pets, make that every month. Dirty air filters are a real danger to the efficiency of your system, as they restrict airflow, which can lead to very real problems.


Check the exterior unit often. Make sure that nothing is growing on or near it. If you’ve got a healthy garden (or a weedy one), it isn’t uncommon for those plants to try to make friends with the exterior unit. This would be bad news. Trim and pull those little green menaces, and keep them a few feet back from the actual unit.


Keep an AC maintenance schedule with your AC company. You should have a technician come out at the beginning of every cooling season to go over your system and make sure everything is as it should be. If you’ve followed the steps above, these will be a formality, and you’ll save buckets of money on energy bills and costs here in the Spring maintenance Hill Fl climate. 


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