New Carrier AC Unit? - Here's Why Carrier is a Smart Choice for Your Home

If you’re considering a home air conditioning unit or heat pump here in Spring Hill Fl, and you’re researching price, service, and quality units, you’d do well to consider a Carrier.


You know how things occasionally end up being defined by a brand name? Like calling something the “Rolls-Royce” of televisions? Or asking to have something “Xerox’d” instead of photocopied? Brand recognition comes when a company becomes synonymous with a certain level of quality. In the HVAC world, a Carrier AC unit has that kind of power. It carries – if you’ll pardon the pun – connotations of innovation, reliability, and smart engineering.


A Brief History Lesson


Air conditioning revolutionized our way of life, beginning with, of all things, industrial production. Willis Carrier is today hailed as the “Father of Air Conditioning,” and for good reason: not only did he invent it, but at the time of his death, he owned over eighty patents related to cooling and dehumidifying.


He designed the technology that would become modern air conditioners to help address a problem faced by a company that specialized in printing. Humidity was wrecking and smearing their ink, slowing production, and generally making things miserable. Carrier, then a young engineer, was given the problem, and by July 17, 1902, had designed a system of cooling coils that would become modern air conditioning.


Carrier AC Today – Still The One Here in Spring Hill!


Carrier’s designs led to the formation of the Carrier Corporation. Since opening their doors in 1915, the company has continually refined and improved and innovated the technology Willis Carrier used to launch his dream. The company now employs tens of thousands and serves six continents. A few things that separate Carrier from the pack:


Customer Service. Carrier maintains an open customer service telephone system, which can be reached 24/7, 365 days of the year. Their call center personnel are equipped with information on local dealers and service professionals to ensure the highest quality response.


And speaking of that:


Dedicated service partners. Carrier actively dialogues with, trains, and educates dealers, installers, and AC professionals. They work very hard to make sure that anyone authorized to work with Carrier equipment knows the ins and outs of every heat pump and AC unit in the Carrier lineup.


Experience. This may seem like a no-brainer … because it is. Carrier has been in business for over a century, and their company literally wrote the book on air conditioning installation. Any Spring Hill consumer can benefit from that experience, without paying through the nose for it – as Carrier is as competitively priced as any other AC company out there!


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