when choosing a central air conditioner in spring hill, bigger is not always better


If you’re considering a central air conditioning installation for your home, it’s important that you choose an AC unit that fits your home properly.  And while you may think that bigger is always better when it comes to sizing, nothing could be further from the truth. You’ll actually save far more money in the long run by having an expert guide you through the process. 



The right professional can help you choose the perfect central air conditioning system for your home so you can maximize your comfort and save as much money as possible.  We’ll look at the top three reasons why a bigger central air conditioner isn’t always a better choice, even though it may look like the better deal at first glance.




# 1: Energy Consumption

Its common sense; a larger air conditioning system will use more power than a smaller one.  A larger central air conditioner will have a larger compressor, which is what generates the cool air.  A larger compressor requires more energy to effectively cool the air in your home, which costs you more money on your utility bill. 



A properly sized central air conditioning system will use less energy to do the same job while removing considerably more humidity, making your home feel cooler and far more comfortable.



# 2: Lifespan

A large central air conditioner actually has to work harder to cool your home than a smaller unit.  Because they are more powerful, oversized units don’t need to run for as long as smaller ones, and while this may seem like a good thing, large air conditioners actually have to run more frequently than a smaller air conditioning system to cool a space properly. 



This constant on and off cycling increases wear and tear on the unit, meaning it will need more frequent AC repair and will need to be replaced sooner than a smaller unit would. 



# 3: Up-Front Cost

Another reason bigger isn’t always better is that bigger things almost always cost more up front than their smaller counterparts, and air conditioners are no exception.  You may be able to find a great deal on a larger central air conditioning system on your own, but don’t be fooled. 

A properly sized central air conditioning installation will still cost less up front and an oversized unit will always cost you considerably more to operate over its lifespan. 



At this point you may be wondering how to find the right size central air conditioner for your home.  This is where the advice of an experienced HVAC contractor is invaluable.  There are standards for calculating the proper size central air conditioner for residential homes that all contractors should know, but only the right professional will help you choose a properly sized system that will keep you comfortable, worry free, and save you money. 


Remember, finding the right cooling system for your home should be all about you.


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