Spring Hill Cooling System – Here are 3 Reasons Not To Buy an Ultra-Efficient Central Air Conditioner 



There is a growing trend toward higher efficiency cooling systems. As technology improves, so do central air conditioners, adding variable airflow, two-stage compressors, and more. That’s a good thing – make no mistake on that – but it doesn’t mean that less efficient systems are losing their place in the world. Here in Spring Hill, because higher efficiency SEER ratings come with a higher price tag, there are situations in which you, the buyer, may be best served by a central air conditioner without added features.


So when does a super-efficient air conditioner NOT make sense? It’s a fair question, because most folks in HVAC sales or service will work pretty hard to point you toward more efficient units. They’ll discuss the (totally real) benefits of those systems – lower annual energy bills, environmental friendliness, and fast payback periods, for instance. But what happens if those things won’t apply to you? Wouldn’t you then be best served by lower cost systems? This article will explore that in some detail, and help you make the right call.


You may choose a less efficient and costly cooling system if you are not going to be paying the energy bills. If you are a landlord, home flipper, or property manager, the annual energy bills are probably not your responsibility. And since the savings from high-efficiency systems are primarily felt over long periods of time, you aren’t having much of an effect on the tenants by choosing a central air conditioner with an average SEER rating instead of a high one. Realistically, it would make more sense to keep that money in your own pocket. A basic cooling system will be more than sufficient to keep your tenants comfortable.


You may choose a cheaper cooling system if the home is up for sale, or will be soon. If you won’t be enjoying the system long term, you might opt to save yourself money upfront. The time frame to recoup the upfront costs of a high-efficiency system is usually measured in years. If you won’t be in the home long enough for that to happen, opt for a system that will cool your home sufficiently but won’t stretch your budget further than you’d hoped.


You may choose a basic central air conditioner if you don’t live in the home year-round. If you spend summers away from your Spring Hill home or travel outside of Florida frequently, a high-efficiency system might be wasted on you. You won’t be saving money if you aren’t running the air conditioner often enough. At that point, a system with a lower upfront cost makes more sense.


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